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Crystal meets nails. . .   for a smooth finish.™

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A quality glass crystal nail fil is most coveted because it it easy to use and gives the best finish to your nails.

We only carry crystal nail files imported from The Czech Republic.

The Czech Republic has been one of the most leading countries in glass production with producting traditions.  According to the manufacturer, glass production traditions in The Czech Reuplic were implemented in their glass nail files production technology to product nailes files of tempered glass.  Their files are made only from high quality materials.  Files decorated by the manufacturer only use Swarovski crystals.

Crystal glass nail files are hard wearing, versatile and stylish.  They are great for manicure, pedicature, pet manicure, elegant gifts.

Our hand painted files are great for gifts; they are personally painted with a baked on acrylic enamel.  We have a large selection of styles and add new styles to match current interest.  Our own D & P Creations artist also adds individual Swarovski crystals to the files and then completes with the decoration with a painted design.

Painted files example

You may purchase a utilitarian file with no decoration, a colored files, a file with custom painting, or a file with excessive bling from Swarovski crystals.  We also have files with an attached hard plastic handle and matching hard case sheath for the file; this is  great option for travel as it adds extra protection to minimize the risk of breakage.


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