Sterling Silver Chains and Sets

Our goal is to provide elegant sterling silver chains that are better quality designs that are carefully selected from select vendors; we generally select the items after careful inspection at wholesale shows. This allows us to choose attractive new styles and variations of traditional styles. Our prices allow you purchase sterling silver at a price which makes sterling silver a practical fashion option. Most of our jewelry items meet AGI (American Gemological Institute) standards and carry the AGI stamp, along with country stamp, and 925 mark.

There are several important considerations in purchasing sterling silver chains and jewelry. Appearance, of course, is important; for that reason we use multiple images obtained by direct photography of at least one of the actual items. Length is also important; if you don’t know what length works best you could use a string to find out what works best for your neckline. Since you can’t pick up the item to determine the weight, we provide the weight of each chain. A chain from another supplier might be the same diameter, but thinner wires, making is weaker with the use of less silver. We also provide the diameter of most of our chains. You can use all of those measurements for comparisons.

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