Up the Ear Pins

Up-the-Ear Designer Jewelry Art by D & P Creations


Gold filled ear pin black crystals

Ear pin gold wire with Swarovski copper pearl mirror

Our up-the-ear jewelry is all hand­crafted by our own wire artist using Swarovski crystal pearls and bicones; we only use 14K gold filled and sterling silver wires matched with similar beads.  The wires have the general form of long U-shaped pin (like a bobby pin) and clips onto the ear lobe generally by placing the undecorated end of the wire into the ear piercing and pushing the pin up the ear lobe; the decorated end of the pin remains on the front side of the lobe.  This gives the impression of multiple piercings as the pin hugs the ear lobe.  The font side sweeps up the ear to show off the Swarovski crystals or other beads.  Our up-the-ear jewelry can also be worn on ears without a piercing by simply spreading the ends slightly and pushing up the ear lobe.

Each pair is created individually; the images are representative of items actually created in our studio.  The pair you receive may vary slightly in appearance due to the individual creation method.

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