Magnetic Jewelry

Turquoise stones white magnetic beads bracelet

Our handcrafted magnetic jewelry designs are very attractive and stylish with focus on black and white patterns; we also source silver, copper, red, and rainbow colored hematite magnetic beads.   We have basic and elegant designs with standard magnetic beads.   Simple bracelets and anklets incorporate triple power magnetic hematite beads while designs with broad surface area can include basic magnetic strength.  Gemstone beads add to the elegance of selected items; current designs include turquoise, amethyst, and tigereye stones.  For reference, triple power and high power magnetic beads have a Gauss rating of 1,400 to 2,400 while standard power magnetic beads have 400 to 1,200 Gauss.

Magnetic black with red Swarovski crystals

Clasps of our custom designs match the design of the jewelry strands.  Many of our clasps 5,000 Gauss magnetic power to secure the larger jewelry items.

Many of our custom products have been sold and are not expected to be replaced unless there is a specific request.



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