Crafted Earrings with Swarovski Crystallized elements

Artemis crystal earrings on black mirror display

Swarovski Artemis astral pink earrings on mirror

Swarovski crystallized elements are available in so many colors and designs that we can’t offer all colors and styles. We use popular colors and general crystal designs. Other Swarovski crystal types are available for special commissioned designs. Our earrings may also be designed with other elements.

We have many more earrings available in our inventory; at one time we were able to display them all at weekly retail events.  From time to time other items may be added to our online store.  Look for us at select irregular local sales locations.

Swarovski Tanzanite gold plated hoop earrings

Triple rod dangles earrings with Swarovski light green crystal pearls and Miyuki twisted bugle beads

Let us know if there are any specific colors that we do not have listed.

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