Swarovski Astral Pink Artemis Earrings, Stainless Earwires


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The Swarovski artemis bead adds elegance to any design.  Delicate shades of orange and pinks sparkle with the Swarovski crystal astral pink artemis bead crystal earrings.  One description of Crystal Astral Pink is “a bold combination of warm pink and red hues that flash hints of fuchsia and orange. Crystal astral pink has an exotic and uplifting appeal, reminiscent of the bright, bold hues of a bustling market in India.” (from Fire Mountain Gems)   From actual view, it is tangerine colour with light and darks shades of sparkle; it is a very nice color.
The Swarovski artemis bead sparkles like shattered glass when light strikes the crystal; this is created by the cuts of the cone design.
Swarovski crystal astral pink artemis bead and xilion bicone bead
Delica silvler-lined gold seed beads
Gold plated brass headpin
Gold plated stainless steel ear wire
Artemis bead 9 x 12 mm
Length from top of ear wire to bottom of artemis cone:   approximately 1.3 inches (about 32 mm)
Weight of each earring:  about 1.3 grams (for comparison a U. S. dime weighs about 2.3 grams.)
NOTE:  Each item is created by hand and wire bends may vary slightly from images presented.  Items are individually created in advance and ready for immediate shipment.
This is a D & P Creations custom item ready to ship.

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Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 1.5 x 1.5 x .5 in


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