Swarovski Light Gold Crystal Pearl Twisted Bugle Bead Rod Earrings, Gold Plated Wires


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Lively Dangles in Gold
Lovely earrings with Swarovski light gold crystal pearlsMiyuki twisted gold bugle beads, and seed bead rods swaying from gold plated stainless steel ear wires. Add some formal elegance to your ears.
These elegant earrings show off a unique custom design incorporating Swarovski light gold crystal pearls, twisted gold bugle beads, and silver-lined gold seed beads on a stepped triple rod arrangement; each of the three rods has a different arrangement of crystals and beads.
This is one of our own original designs.  This style is available in other colors, by request.
This is a unique D & P Creations custom item ready to ship.

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Dimensions 1.5 x 1.5 x .5 in


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