1964 Kennedy Half Dollar Key Ring Boxed Swank


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We obtained this 1964 Kennedy half dollar in key chain bezel with key ring from a coin dealer.

The coin is ungraded and likely inserted into the bezel by the key ring manufacture and sold as a Swank brand.  The bezel is permanently closed.  The key chain ring appears to be in the origianal package; images show the current condition of the box, coin, and key chain ring.  The mint mark is D.  The metal type for ring, chain, and bezel is unidentified and un-marked.

The images show current condition as much as possible.  On the obverse there are small black marks on Kennedy’s hair; they appear to be superficial.  Images are from direct photography of the actual item for sale.

Diameter of bezel:  about 31 mm
Diameter of key ring:  about 25 mm
Total length of bezel and key ring:  about 10 mm
Total weight of key ring and coin:  about 19.6 grams


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