Nail Files

We purchase our nail files in bulk direct from the manufacturer in the Czech Republic.

Czech nail files are available in three sizes:  small (3.5-inch travel size); medium (5.5-inch manicure size), and large (7.5-inch pedicure size).  The foot spa bar is in a separate type of product.  Undecorated transparent Czech nail files are the most economical style if you desire simple functionality.  The hand-decorated files are the same file with painted decorations; we add Swarovski crystals to increase the bling factor.  The decorated files make great gift items.  Our hand-painted designs include pink flamingos, orange blossoms, palm trees, purple iris flowers, music treble clef, flip-flops, U. S. Flag, golfing, and more.  Other designs will be created to match demand.  Currently only a selected number of variations is available from our online store.  Others may be available at our local retail events.

Contact us if you have a special design request.

These are the 3 sizes of files: 3.5, 5.5, 7.5 inches