MagneHealth Rose Quartz and White Magnetic Beads Elastic Bracelet

MagneHealth Rose Quartz and White Magnetic Beads Elastic Bracelet

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Choose your size from the options selector:  7 or 7.5-inch length.
This lovely polished rose quartz beads stretch magnetic bracelet by MagneHealth is available as a 7-inch or a 7.5-inch.  The 8 mm rose quartz beads alternate with 9 mm white pearl-look magnetic beads to make an elegant style.  The 7-inch bracelet has 9 rose quartz beads and the 7.5-inch bracelet has 10 rose quartz beads.  The rose quartz beads are a pale pink color.
Images show both the 7-inch and the 7.5-inch bracelets separately.  You must choose one size.
The rose quartz beads may show some inconsistencies on surface polish and color; the images are from two different bracelets and may show some of these differences.  This is normal.
Typical Measurements
Length:  about 7 inches and 7.5 inches
Weight of 7-inch bracelet:  about 23 grams
Weight of 7.5-inch bracelet:  about 26 grams
Diameter of magnetic beads:  about 9 mm
Diameter of rose quartz beads:  about 8 mm
Should not be worn by people who have a pacemaker, are pregnant or nursing.
This is not a toy.  Not suitable for children less than 12 years old.
Magnetic products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
Made in China


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Size 7 inch length

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