Color Options Czech Glass Arc Nail File with Edge Filing Groove

Color Options Czech Glass Arc Nail File with Edge Filing Groove

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This arc edge file is a new item from the manufacturer in the Czech Republic.  The design is dramatic variation from the regular flat file where the flat surfaces are the filing surfaces.  This nail file has a single curved groove filing surface; the flat surfaces are just for holding.  It is an easy-to-hold design.  Just fit the end of the nail into the groove and file; the rounded groove helps to created a rounded edge on the nail tip.  The flat surfaces of the file are smooth; the outer curved edge is also smooth.  Rather than a painted surface the glass is coloured. 
Images show product details, including identification of filing groove and dimensions; images are enlarged to show detail.
This file is available in three different colors;  please select your favorite color from the options box.   You may also select "random color"; with that option the color will be selected by the store and will likely be a color different from one of the displayed colors.
The arc file is provided in a soft white and clear plastic sheath case.  No soft suede-like case is available for this file type.
Dimensions:  about 90 x 22 x 3 mm thick (3.5 x 7/8 inches)
Weight:  about 13 grams
This file is made of tempered glass, but it will break if dropped on a hard surface.  If breakage occurs, please discard all broken pieces to avoid injury.
Manufactured and colored in the Czech Republic.

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