Czech Crystal Nail File with Attached Blue Hard Case

Czech Crystal Nail File with Attached Blue Hard Case

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This single file with blue hard plastic attached handle fits into the hard case to reduce the risk of breakage. The handle also makes for an easier grip. The width of the filing surface is the same as that of the manicure size file; the filing surface, however, is slightly shorter.This is a nice format for a Czech Republic crystal nail file.

These crystal glass files are high quality tempered glass files from the Czech Republic. Czech Republic always been one of the most leading countries in glass production with oldest producing traditions. The crystal files from the Czech Republic provide the best filing surface for a smooth nail finish. The files have similar filing surfaces on both sides., except for the foot spa bar.

Not just for personal nails, they work nicely on your pet's nails. The decorated files make nice gifts.

The listed file case color is pink. Other colors are available by special request.

Total length: 5 inches

Files are made of tempered glass for strength and durability; they are glass crystal and will break if dropped on a hard surface on put under pressure, such as mixed in with items in a purse. Abuse can damage file. ¶ Files can be cleaned with alcohol (isopropyl rubbing alcohol) or soapy water. Do not use hot water or heat which could damage the plastic.

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