Set of 3 Czech Republic Transparent Nail Files Painted Cape Hatteras Lighthouses

Set of 3 Czech Republic Transparent Nail Files Painted Cape Hatteras Lighthouses

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Crystal meets nails . . . for a smooth finish.™

This is a set of 3 Czech nail files of approximate lengths:  3.5 inches, 5.5 inches, and 7.5 inches (pedicure size), each hand painted with lighthouse.

This hand painted lighthouse crystal nail files are high quality files from the Bohemia region of the Czech Republic; they provides the best filing surface.  Crystal meets nails...for a smooth finish. The files are suitable for males and females; we sell to both at our retail locations.  And, don't forget your pets.

This is a set of three files, each one with hand-painted lighthouse which is intended to represent the black and white Cape Hatteras, NC lighthouse;  painted in our Florida studio. The hand painting is a  baked on acrylic enamel. A black soft "suede-look" sheath case accompanies each file.   Each of our files is  painted freehand and will vary slightly from those pictured.  The painting is on the front surfaces of the file handle; images painting variations on multiple files.   The shipped product design will vary somewhat due to variation in individual design of future paintings.

The filing surface has a frosted look.  Files have similar filing surfaces on both sides.  Files are made of tempered glass for strength and durability; they are glass crystal and will break if dropped on a hard surface or put under pressure, such as mixed in with items in a purse.  Abuse can damage file. 

Files can be cleaned with water, soapy water, or spray antimicrobial.  They can also be wiped with a dry cloth to remove light powder.

Acrylic enamel paint.
Transparent Czech Crystal Nail File.
Soft black sheath case with suede-look surfaces.

Crystal Nail File:
  Small Size: approximately 90 x 10 mm About 2 mm thickness (about 3.5 inches long)
  Medium: approximately 135 x 12 mm x about 2 mm thickness  (about 5.5 inches long)
  Pedicure size (large):  Approximately 195 x 18 x 3 mm thick (7.5 inches long)

Soft Black Sheath Case to match each size

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