Colored Czech Glass Foot Spa Bar Scraper

Colored Czech Glass Foot Spa Bar Scraper

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Designed specially for your pedicure procedures and a spa treatment for your feet, the crystal glass foot spa bar has two different scraping surface; one side is slightly more coarse than the other.  They are great for removing calluses and hard-skin from your feet.  The glass surface provides a gentle removal of undesired skin.  The scraper bars works best on wet feet when the skin has been softened with water.  Because the coarse surface is part of the glass it will not wear off like bars with applied materials.  We only offer the variety with the colored handle; please select your favorite color from the options box.   You may also select "random color"; with that option the color will be selected by the store and will likely be a color different from one of the displayed colors.
The foot spa bar is provided in a soft PVC sheath case with a fold-over flap.  No soft velvet-like case is available for this size.
Dimensions:  about 160 x 35 x 8 mm thick (8 1/4 inches long)
Weight:  about 3.5 ounces
This bar is made of tempered glass, but it will break if dropped on a hard surface.  If breakage occurs, please discard all broken pieces to avoid injury.
Manufactured and colored in the Czech Republic.

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