Czech Republic Colored Large Pedicure Crystal Nail File, Bohemian glass

Czech Republic Colored Large Pedicure Crystal Nail File, Bohemian glass

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Select your favorite colo for the Czech Repulic crystal pedicure file from the selector box:  price is for a single coloured large (pedicure size) Czech Republic crystal nail file.  This largel travel size is just right for larger nails; it is popular for male users.

These crystal files are high quality files from the Czech Republic provide the best filing surface. The files work on natural and artificial nails to maintain a smooth nail. Files have similar filing surfaces on both sides. These files are suitable for males and females; we sell to both at our retail locations.  These files have simliar filing surfaces on both sides.  These files are larger than the medium travel size; they also have a rounded end rather than a pointed end.  They are 3 mm thick rather than 2 mm thick.

We have an assortment of coloured pedicure files; just the handle is colored on both sides; the files have been colored by the manufacturer.  The colors currently available online are shown in the  product images. There is an option for "Random color" where we will select a color other than a listed color; it may be a file with a glossy opaque color finish or a matte finish with a somewhat transparent color.   Each file has its own soft black velvet-look sheath/case.  (Other colours are available at our retail events.)

Files are made of tempered glass for strength and durability; they are glass crystal and will break if dropped on a hard surface on put under pressure, such as mixed in with items in a purse. Abuse can damage file.  Files can be cleaned with isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alchol), water, soapy water, or spary-on anti-bacterial cleaner; they may also simply be wiped off with a soft cloth..

Czech Crystal Nail File, tempered glass Soft black velvet-feel  sheath case.

Pedicure size (large):  Approximately 195 x 18 x 3 mm thick (7.5 inches long)
Soft Black Case: Slightly larger than file

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