Czech Transparent Crystal Nail File Set 3 Sizes

Czech Transparent Crystal Nail File Set 3 Sizes

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These high quality crystal files from the Czech Republic provide the best filing surface. The files work on natural and artificial nails to maintain a smooth nail. Files have similar filing surfaces on both sides. These files are suitable for males and females.  And, don't forget your pets.

This set includes the three popular sizes of transparent files: travel, manicure, and pedicure. The pedicure (large) file is 3 mm thick; the smaller ones are 2 mm thick. Each file has it's own black suede-feel case.  This is the most practical option when purchasing crystal nail files for your own use. There is no need to pay extra for colored handles, custom art, or Swarovski crystal applications. The colored and fancy decorations, however, make great gift items--perfect stocking stuffer items.  Individual sizes are available for purchase separately.  

Files are made of tempered glass for strength and durability; they are glass crystal and will break if dropped on a hard surface on put under pressure, such as mixed in with items in a purse. Abuse can damage file.  Files can be cleaned with alcohol (isopropyl rubbing alcohol) or soapy water.

Czech Crystal Nail File, tempered glass Soft black suede-feel case

Crystal Nail File: Travel size (small) Approximately 90 x 10 x 2 mm thick (3.5 inches long)

Manicure size (medium) Approximately 135 x 12 x 2 mm thick (5.5 inches long)
Pedicure size (large) Approximately 195 x 18 x 3 mm thick (7.5 inches long)
Soft Black Case: Slightly larger then each file

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