Magnetic Bracelet 3x Power White Hematite with Red Tigereye and Dual Cord Clasp

Magnetic Bracelet 3x Power White Hematite with Red Tigereye and Dual Cord Clasp

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D & P Creations magnetic bracelet design with 10 x 10 mm red tigerye 2-hole beads separated by triple power 4 mm white round hematite magnetic beads with strong dual strand clasp.  This is a handmade item.  The bracelet design has the polished red tigereye beads separated by groups of round triple power white magnetic hematite beads.  The tigerye beads are good quality but wil showl some minor defects at some corners as seen on some images.  The red tigereye has a slight reddish tone rather than the more yellow color of regular tigereye.
This dual-strand bracelet has a lot of magnetic force with the high power white hematite beads and clasp.  Our high power magnet beads are rated at 1,400 to 2,400 Gauss.  There is a small amount of slack to allow for bracelet flexibility.  The clasp is very strong and should not be allowed to snap together when putting on the bracelet; it could pinch the skin.  Do not pull on the beads or strands to separate the clasp; pry open with a non-metallic item such a very strong fingernails.
Measure your wrist carefully with a loosely fitted band as this bracelet does not stretch.  It should not be tight on the wrist.
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Length:  about 7.25 inches
Weight:  about 22 grams
10 x 10 mm polished red tigereye flat 2-hole beads
High power 4 mm round white hematite magnetic beads
Magnetic clasp
80 pound test copolymer monofilament for stringing (This is a higher test strength than our regular beading wire.)
Should not be worn by people who have a pacemaker, are pregnant or nursing.
This is not a toy.  Not suitable for children less than 12 years old.
Magnetic products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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