Ear Cuff Pair Swarovski Light Siam Crystal Drops 14K Gold Filled

Ear Cuff Pair Swarovski Light Siam Crystal Drops 14K Gold Filled

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 No piercing required.
This variation of our ear cuff design is created from curved 14K gold filled wires extending down the lower ear lobe to add elegance to this style ear cuff as it shows off the gold filled wire with Swarovski bright red light Siam crystals.
This handcrafted ear cuff pair has been worked from gold filled wire to accentuate the wire with gentle curved extensions, each with a 14K gold filled headpin dangle with Swarovski Crystallized 4 and 6 mm light Siam red xilion bicones and 2 mm 14K gold filled beads.  Each ear cuff is created individually and curve details may vary slightly from the images.
Swarovski light Siam red xilion bicone crystals
14K gold filled metal components (beads and wire)
Weight of each ear cuff:  about 1.35 grams.
(For comparison, a U. S. dime weighs about 2.3 grams.)  
Each drop is about 5/8 inch long.
By design, ear cuffs may not provide a perfect fit on the back edge of the ear lobe the first time you wear them. For those new to wearing an ear cuff, there may be some difficulty in getting them to fit. Once in place, the "cuff" can be adjusted by gently squeezing the "clamp" part and by slightly bending the lower extensions. One cuff is for the left ear and the other is for the right ear. The lower curved wires follow the curvature of the lower ear lobe.  
Custom wire art must be treated carefully because it can be deformed by too much twisting and abuse.
The last picture is just to show how the ear cuff is worn; it is not the one for sale with this listing.  It has Swarovski black diamond crystal bicones on sterling silver wires.  
This is a D & P Creations original design.

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