D & P Creations

D & P Creations has been in business in central Florida since 2010.  We are an itinerant business with internet sales. Our sales limited to online and special events only.

We are winding down our business and some items may not have a correct inventory count.  We may also negotiate deals on other excess inventory items.  We will be closing this web site soon.

Although we started our business with custom jewelry, it has expanded into specialized magnetic jewelry.  It then expanded with what is now our core line of crystal nail files from the Czech Republic; our custom designs are now branded as Crystal Meets Nails. . .   for a smooth finish™ with exclusive designs by our owner.

You can go to select menu pages for product information but to find products use the product category tree at the right or search for specific products.  You can also scroll the the many products at the bottom of this page.

We strive to exceed the customer expectations with high quality materials and superior designs.

No more direct to customer sales.